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        Hi, I’m Amy

        I am a Wedding & Lifestyle photographer based in Tauranga, New Zealand.
        I aim to create stunning images with a relaxed, fun manner, catching real and natural moments of laughter and connection. It’s a privilege to be a part of making these special memories into something tangible and lasting for others.
        Photographing weddings are extra special to me! I believe in love, and the celebration of marriage -a magical wedding day that represents an even more beautiful commitment to each other. This is the inspiration behind my images.
        It’s my dream job to be able to capture couples wildly in love… and to catch even the small details of clasped hands and wind-swept veils.
        I make sure you are comfortable, so I do give direction as needed. Although I  will  take photos of you looking at the camera, my desire is to give you images that show who you are as a couple and your genuine love for each other, which are found in the in-between moments.

        A bit more about me…..

        With my husband Phil and my adorable 3 year old rascal, I live on my parents avocado orchard (I love them...both my parents and avocados!)
        I grew up riding horses, drawing, painting, and reading …none of which I have much time for these days!

        Although I studied film photography in high school, I realised my passion for photographing people many years later, when the three of us returned home to New Zealand, after living in Singapore.

        In doing photography, I am able to have a creative outlet in editing, which I enjoy just as much as photographing the many wonderful people I get to meet.
        I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now!

        And just some random stuff ...






        I have a twin brother, but I beat him out by 5 minutes