TO MENU

        I took the opportunity while I was in New Zealand for my sisters wedding, to also take some updated photos of my twin brother Luke and his wife Gabrielle. I really wanted to get some in the long grass! This was actually a spot where we took Faye and Rory’s photographer for their wedding photo shoot. hehe

        I actually took some engagement photos of Luke and Gabrielle too -I think it may have been my very first shoot of another couple! I might put a couple of the pics up eventually as a bit of a throwback, but I really didn’t know what I was doing back then, but their good looks saved them! Mainly its just (really) bad exposure and editing!!


        This shoot was really fun though. Very relaxed, as I know them both well, but my brother was being such a pain about the sun in his eyes. I am sure that I will be getting them to be my models again soon. Gabby is always up for it (love her! And who doesn’t want a beautiful model to shoot!?). Luke always needs convincing though. They are having their first baby in the beginning of November, and this means that they are returning home from a year in the UK/Europe (2 months to go as I write this!)….maternity shoot here I come!


        // Photos taken at Huharua Park, Plummers Point, Tauranga, NZ